Just Read, “Freakonomics” by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt

16 Feb 2016

The second non-fiction book that I’ve tackled this year has been Freakenomics. As it turns out and by complete accident, it actually ended up being remarkably similar to Predictably Irrational which I read in January.

Just Read, “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely

14 Jan 2016

Starting this year, I will be making an effort to catalogue all of my non-fiction book consumption in a standardized format in order to better codify my thoughts on the various books that I read, as well as create a written reminder of my key takeaways from certain books immediately after completing them.

My website, version 3.0

13 Dec 2015

Three (working) days ago, I decided that I wanted to try out using Jekyll. About 3 real days ago my personal blog went down for some unknown reason - my guess is that my domain registrar changed something on their end without warning me. Rather than bothering to try and resurrect that site, given that I didn’t have all that much content on it anyway, I decided to use the opportunity to rebuild my blog as a static website.

Creating Static Sites with Jekyll

12 Dec 2015

I went to a meetup called the new dynamic recently hosted at WorkMarket in NYC, which inspired me to learn more about static website generators as alternatives to standard CMS. The two in particular which caught my eye were Hugo and Jekyll. If I’d gone to this meetup a week or two earlier, chances are I would have gone with the newer option offered by Hugo based on the fact that it’s a more recent addition to the ecosystem and because it’s written in Go rather than Jekyll’s Ruby (which I don’t particularly like dealing with).

Trip Planning

11 Dec 2015

Many people struggle with planning vacations that don’t revolve around a cruise, all-inclusive resort, or a pre-made itinerary and tour group. I’m here to tell you that none of these are necessary. In fact, all booking your vacation through any of those options will do is cheapen your experience and give you a ‘tourist’ view of whatever country you’re visiting.

Free Online Content and AdBlock

10 Dec 2015

There have been many articles in the news lately about the digital age and consumers being unwilling to pay for content. The result, publishes say, is that we should be willing to put up with a certain amount of advertising in order to sponsor their work. In all honesty, I completely agree. At the same time however, that agreement didn’t prevent me from just installing AdBlock Plus in Safari during my most recent browser change.

Hello World

08 Dec 2015

Hello World